9 Important SEO Skills to Help you Improve Ranking

9 Important SEO Skills to Help you Improve Ranking

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a very weighty issue in content writing. Getting the right tips for effective SEO is crucial if you want to increase traffic to your site and get the best site visits. Have a look at the following 9 important SEO Skills that you can employ to increase traffic to your site.

Choose the Best Keyword

Have you heard of Google Planner? This is a tool that you can use to help plan for the keyword to use. Choosing the right keyword is crucial for any SEO work. You need to focus on a particular keyword or key phrase and build content around it. You have to make sure that your keyword reflects the brand.

Site visitors should be able to easily identify your brand when they search for content or topic related to your brand. It’s important to make the keyword user friendly and searchable. Do not use keyword or phrase that is complex or lengthy. You have to be simple and catchy to effectively attract search traffic.

Identify your Competition

You have to know who you are competing against. It’s not possible to beat what you don’t know. After knowing what you are up against, ask yourself the following questions:

What don’t my competitors have?

Can I do better than them?

This will help you to effectively come up with a plan to beat them. You have to make sure that your content is top notch and searchable. Identify the weakness of the competition and capitalise on that. to attain higher search engine ranking means that you have to be the best.

Create the Best Content

After identifying your competitor’s lack, it’s important to go ahead and create the best content. Your content has to be high quality and searchable. If you don’t know how to write good content, look for someone who can. You can also ask Google. There is crucial information over the internet that you will find useful.

You can also study your competitor’s content and make yours better. Good content creates uniqueness and professionalism in your brand. You have to make your content stand out from the rest. What exactly is your goal? Having a precise goal will enable you the right drive towards writing the best market driven content.

Insert Keyword in the Page Title

This is simple. Your page title has to have the keyword. You have to use it if you want good ranking. It doesn’t mean that you have to use the exact keyword but if you can, use it. Try to make the title as interesting as you can.

No one wants to read boring stuff. Content has to be engaging and your page title has a lot to say. You can’t have a dull title page and expect someone to go past it. The page title is the gate to your content and you should make it worth it. A good page title will attract more visitors to your site.

Insert Keyword in the Header

Just like in the page title, you should make sure that the header contains the keyword. It also doesn’t have to be exact but if you can, maintain it. To effectively catch the attention of the site visitor, format the title effectively and make it visible enough. This means that you can either bold it or colour it. It’s also proper if your make the header bigger in font than the subtitles. This will help show what your brand is about.

Attach Keywords to Images

Images are important in selling your brand. Most people consider images to be proof of operation. Good image has to have keyword attached. This relates to what your brand is about. You can attach the keyword directly on the image or Alt tag. For better optimisation, employ both.

Attach Keyword to the URL

I am talking about the information that comes after a.com, .org or .net. For instance, if you brand is about dog product and your keyword is dog, you have attach the name dog to the URL. This helps you to own your content and eventually boost your ranking.

Link your Pages

Internal linking is important in promoting various content pages within the site. You have to make sure that all relevant pages are connected through links that the site visitor can click on. This is important to personalise your content as you are able to increase search ability by making your content user friendly.

Seek External Links

In as much as internal linking is important, you can get other sites connect to you. Google for example depends on such links to project how good your content or page is. The more external links you get, the more the referrals and ranking you obtain.

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