10 SEO Tips you Need for your Website

10 SEO Tips you Need for your Website

Are you looking for the best secrets towards improving your website Google ranking? It’s important to know that having good SEO skills is part of the process.  You have to be the best and that means possessing the best skills. Have a look at the following 10 SEO Tips to help you improve your ranking.

Personalise your Website

It’s important to focus your site on one major thing. Discover one thing that you will want to be identified with and stick to it. What is your brand? If you are doing product, you need to focus on one or a common family of products. Keyword research is important towards personalizing your site. You can have a line of products under your brand but you need to identify the main product.

Be Careful on Keyword Usage

How often do you use the keyword? Good ranking is not all about having a higher keyword density but it’s about knowing what word to use, how and when to use it. That one thing that you have identified on tip one about your brand should be reflected on the title and domain name. It’s also good to reflect your main keyword in product description page, taglines and blog pages. Having done that, you can be sure of an improved Google ranking and site visits.

Page Linkage

It’s vital that you link your home page and other important pages to your site. A close linkage program is very important in necessitating easy product search and optimisation. Many content frameworks employ this and it’s effective. If your site is not page linked, you need to do that now. It’s striking to have a brand that is easily searched and found.

Eliminate Slow Factors

What slows down your Website? It’s important to consider the page load time. Whatever that is not important and has an effect in slowing down your Website needs to be removed. Many customers don’t like sites that take time loading. It’s important to have a site with pages that open easily. If you want to beat your competitor, you Have to make it easy for your site visitor.

nsert Keywords in Images

One big mistake that people do is put images to site pages without keywords. This is totally unwise. If you want to generate traffic on your site, you need to extensively use the keyword. Do you know that most site visitors prefer images over sentences? It’s important that you enrich your mages with keywords if you want an improved ranking. Try to invoke words that relates to your content and brand to images. Also make sure that the file titles reflect your content for easy searching.

Provide Additional Linkage

It’s crucial if you want easy search engine optimisation, to include links to other sites that relates to your website. It’s however wise to do it sparingly as doing this promotes the other sites. In as much as you are promoting other sites, you get to build trust and credibility. The site visitor will be able to tell that you are a trusted authority and you have no problem referring to similar content.

Regular Site Updates

SEO does not require you to sit and wait. You have to make your content appear fresh and new. How often do you update your site? It’s important to make frequent updates on content and image. The site visitor has to identify new and rich content each time they click on your site. If you make your content dynamic, you can be sure of a higher ranking and visit.

Index your Site

You should not just assume that after you host your domain, your site will be found on Google or Yahoo. You need to make sure that it’s really indexed. If you have not indexed to Google, Bing or Yahoo, then you should be able to do it.

Have a Constant Domain Name

You can’t expect to maintain your brand if you keep changing the domain name. If you get to alter your domain name too often, you will confuse the site visitor. This lowers traffic to your site and brings down your ranking. You have to be careful on how soon you launch new blogs. You can’t be doing it every three or six months. It’s not healthy for your site and you should avoid it.

Be Human

I know you are human if you are reading this but you have to write your content like one. You need to write stuff that that one can relate with and don’t sound the same as a robot. You need to write content that is good and hope for the best result. You have to be patient to achieve success. It takes time to have higher ranking and so you have to wait to achieve long-term success.

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